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Date: 22nd February, 2020
Terrain: Challenging
Cost: 2,300

The main features of the hike include:

-Roadtrip with great company from Nairobi to Suswa and back
-Hiking to an attitude of up to 2,356 metres above sea level
-Hiking the unique Suswa double crater with a moat-like inner crater surrounding a tilted block of rock covering an area of about 270km2
-Hiking in the forest that is home to a variety of wildlife, including hyenas, buffaloes, antelopes etc
-Amazing view of the Margaret hill, Mai Mahiu town, Suswa camp and Olonana boundary
-Trekking on a moderate 6km stretch before starting the hike at the crater
-Along the way, you encounter rock hyraxes darting between boulders and small antelopes grazing peacefully on the slopes
-The whole hike takes about 8 - 9 hours
-Hiking with a great team where you can make friends and business networks


Kenyans - 2,900
Residents - 3,500
Foreigners - US$ 60 dollars, (Ks. 6,000)

The cost package caters for:-

-Transport from Nairobi and back in a tour bus/ van
-Entry fee to the park
-Professional tour guides
-Mineral water

You will carry:-

-Extra water - About 3 litres
-Snacks/ Lunch
-Sun glasses
-Warm clothes & Rain coat

*To book a seat, pay Ks. 1,300 by 15th February. The remaining balance will be paid on 20th February.

Booking deadline is 15th February.

For more details, inbox the word "SUSWA" followed by your phone number.

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