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(The hike is more scenic than any other Aberdares hike)

Date: 18th April, 2020
Terrain: Difficult
Walking time: 7 to 8 hours
Terrain: Marked moorland trail
Time: 4:45am to 8pm
Cost: Ks. 2,700pp

Dragon’s Teeth is a sporadic formation of rocks rising from the wet moorland and bogs of the Aberdares. It offers a technical climb prep in anticipation of climbing mountains like Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro or Rwenzori. Satima is considered the highest peak on the Aberdares ranges standing at 4001m ASL.

The main features of the hike include:

-Roadtrip with great company from Nairobi to Satima and back
-Arrive at Shamata Gate, warm up then start hiking up the mountain
-During the hike we shall meet tall and sharp stones which look like Dragons teeth
-We shall also meet twin stones which represents a woman’s nipples
-If time allows we shall also visit the wreckage of a 1934 war plane
-Hiking to an attitude of up to 4,001 metres above sea level
-Ascend 12km in the mountain to reach an altitude of 3450m at the Twin peaks point
-Bank east towards the high ridges and head towards Satima peak before descending to the bottom
-Hiking with a great team where you can make friends and business networks
-A good way of keeping fit as you hike the adventurous trail


Kenyans – Ks. 2,700
Residents - Ks. 3,900
Foreigners - US$ 80 dollars, (Ks. 8,000)

The cost package caters for:-

-Transport from Nairobi and back in a spacious tour bus/ van
-Entry fee to the Park
-Professional tour guides
-Mineral water

You will carry:-

-Extra water - About 3 litres
-Sun glasses
-Warm clothes & Rain coat

*To book a seat, pay Ks. 1,700 by 11th April. The remaining balance will be paid on 16th April.

*Booking deadline is 11th April.

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