Students Tours

Our student's tours take form in two ways:

School trips for specific schools or classes.
Holiday students trips open for all students.
We very well understand that due to tight academic calendars, teachers and the school administrations may be unable to get time to plan students tours and academic trips for their students. They may also not be aware of exciting sceneries where students can visit to learn from and also enjoy.
During holidays, parents may be so busy to have time to appreciate and have fun with their kids. Also there is so much negative influence from the Social and Mainstream Media.

It is at this juncture that Elyzza Juniors Klub comes in to help schools organise students academic trips to any destinations whether in Kenya, Africa or anywhere else in the world.
Also during every holiday, we organise a students trip where we take students to places they will really enjoy and also learn from.

During the trips we also offer other services such as:
Career Guidance
Life Coach
Mentorship, among others